Pittsburgh Steelers Get Phenomenal Value Drafting Kentucky OLB Bud Dupree #22 Overall

Bud Dupree, Kentucky

Classic Steelers, getting a Top 10-talent in the 20’s at position of need, ho-hum nbd.

I didn’t have Alvin “Bud Not Buddy” Dupree in the BurghBros’ 1st-Round Wishlist because honestly I didn’t think there was a shot he would fall to us. Some “experts” had him going as high as #6 overall to the Jets and there were a number of teams in the teens that could’ve used him. I figured the only edge rusher that was worth drafting that could fall to us that would be worth drafting would be Randy Gregory (who is still on the board). But in typical Pittsburgh Steeler fashion, we go ahead and scoop a guy who fits the team perfectly and had no business still being available. Great start to the draft.

P.S. I know some people are concerned over the fact we’ve drafted a linebacker in the first round in three straight years, but standout linebackers are the lifeblood of the Steeler defense, it’s what we are known for. You make sure you are the best at your trademark that’s just smart drafting.

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