Cincy Radio Station Runs Fake Big Ben Rape Warning Ad, and the Steelers Just Officially Moved on to the Divisional Round

Big Ben Laughing

Good looks on you Cincinnati, way to take the high road. I’m actually surprised it took them until Friday to come out with this thing. Not gonna lie I got a good chuckle out of it, well done 700 WLW well done indeed. But only 10% of that chuckle was due to the hilarity of the radio ad. The other 90% was me laughing about A) how terrified the city of Cincinnati clearly is about having to play us in the first round and B) the fact that Ben is now going to throw for 700 yards and 7 TD’s to bump the Bungals from the playoffs yet again.

This is the kind of move a city who hasn’t won a playoff game since 1990 makes. This is the kind of move that people make when their team has lost in the Wild Card round four consecutive years and in each of their last six playoff appearances. This is the kind of move that people make when they are scrambling to instill confidence in themselves that they can beat a potential HOF QB when they have this guy and this tattoo behind center:

AJ McCarron chest tattoo

So thank you 700 WLW and the city of Cincinnati for the good laugh. You really know how to get a guy’s weekend started right. Now I can happy drink tonight instead of nervous drink and get a good cathartic sleep in knowing the Steelers have already won tomorrow’s game.

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